YCP drops a big hint about massive split in TDP

YCP drops a big hint about massive split in TDP
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Gadikota Srikanth Reddy, who is a YCP MLA and also the official spokesman of the party, made a very interesting comment while speaking about Telugu Desam Party today.

“The Telugu Desam Party will be split into two parts very soon. A big chunk of the leaders will leave the party very soon and that is leaving Chandrababu Naidu very worried. We can clearly see it on his face,” he said.

Srikanth Reddy went on to say that even yellow media is fed up with Telugu Desam Party and they are backing down.

“Chandrababu accuses us of misusing police department, but he is the one who is heavily reliant on them. He can’t step out without a big force of police commandos. He is spreading false rumors about KIA motors and it’s toes with Andhra Pradesh.”

YCP has been claiming that over 10 TDP MLAs are in touch with them and are ready to switch loyalties. Now, Srikanth Reddy is saying that a massive split in TDP is not far away.

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