Vijayasai Reddy’s strange comments confusing everyone

Vijayasai Reddy’s strange comments confusing everyone
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Yesterday, YSRCP senior leader Vijayasai Reddy said that YS Jagan is consulting with Narendra Modi and Amit Shah before taking any major decision. This strange statement from the YCP bigwig is leaving everyone confused. Vijayasai’s intention behind this comment is unknown. Incidentally, BJP leaders Sujana Chowdary and Purandeshwari slammed the YCP leader for making such cryptic comments.

“How can Modi and Amit Shah influence YCP government’s decision? Moreover, why would Jagan seek their advice for everything?” Question the BJP leaders. Meanwhile, TDP leaders are making a meal out of this by saying that YSRCP and BJP have a secret understanding. We need to wait and see how the YCP high command will react to these counter statements from BJP leaders.

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