Uncertain Bigg Boss but Contestants Finalized?

Uncertain Bigg Boss but Contestants Finalized?
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Bigg Boss Telugu successfully completed 3 seasons and emerged as one of the top-rated shows in the history of Telugu television. The fourth season was getting ready and then this coronavirus pandemic hit like a thunderbolt and the plans went haywire. It is unlikely that the Government will give permission to conduct this show where the participants have to perform and exist closely which means the concept of social-distancing will go for a toss.

But there are some reports that the makers are thinking to launch the 4th season soon after the lockdown is lifted. And now there are also rumors that hot beauty Varshini Sounderajan is all set to enter the Bigg Boss house this season. The actress was also approached previously for the third season but couldn’t do it because of her prior commitments.

Actress and TV anchor Jhansi, on the other hand, has been making controversial statements about the popular reality show. When she was asked if she wants to be Bigg Boss season 4 contestant, she replied harshly that she refused the offer even when NTR was hosting the show. Why would she accept the offer now! She also added that she doesn’t want to torture herself by entering the traumatic Bigg Boss house.

We can only say Bigg Boss has started making news again!

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