Telangana DGP passes strict orders

Telangana DGP passes strict orders

Telangana Deputy General of Police, Mahender Reddy gave a strict warning to the common public regarding the widespread Coronavirus.

“People should come out of their houses only in case of an emergency. Otherwise, they will have to face strict legal consequences,” he said.

Mahender Reddy further added that only one person is allowed on a two-wheeler vehicle and the vehicle will be seized if more than a person is seated on it.

“It is very important that the common public follow these guidelines as this is for their own safety. We can tackle the situation if we follow the lockdown rules for the next one week or 10 days. Or else, the situation will get out of control and there is no going back,” he said.

Telangana will be in lockdown till March 31st. No public transportation will be available in the meantime.

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