TDP: Centre should take over Polavaram project

TDP: Centre should take over Polavaram project

Former agricultural minister Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy took a dig at the ruling YCP government. He demanded that the Centre should take over the completion of Polavaram project as the state government is taking no steps to finish it. Speaking to the media in Amaravati, the TDP leader stated, “The TDP had treated the Polavaram project like a lifeline because we knew how important the project is for the state’s irrigation.

During its reign, TDP had finished 70% of the work but the YCP seems to have entirely given up on it.” He also alleged the YCP government of duping the people with its crafty schemes like Rythu Bharosa and Annadatha Sukhibava. He claimed that these schemes lack clarity and proper planning.

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