Shakalaka Shankar Attitude Become Hot Topic

Shakalaka Shankar Attitude Become Hot Topic
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Spreading fake messages on celebs health is getting common nowadays. Many celebrities have become victims of death hoaxes. Now Shakalaka Shankar has joined the list. From the past couple of days, Fake news about Shakalaka Shankar’s death was spreading like wildfire on social media. The reports have also stated that he has died of a massive heart attack.

Responding to these rumors spreading in social media Getup Srinu has given clarity regarding Shakalaka Shankar’s health through a video. Shakalaka Shankar who was also in the video fire against those YouTube channels that tried to spread maligning rumors about him and his health. However, getting angry on people who cover fake news is ok, but the way Shakalaka Shankar Talked and the attitude has become a hot topic.

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