Report: Amaravati farmers happy with Jagan

Report: Amaravati farmers happy with Jagan
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As per latest report, Amaravati farmers, who met with YS Jagan today, are happy with Jagan’s assurances and action plan.

Reportedly, a few farmers spoke with media after their meeting with Jagan and made a few very interesting comments.

“Jagan promised he would take special care of Amaravati. He assured that Amaravati will get many educational institutions oriented projects in the days to come. Also, he hiked the pension from Rs 2000 to Rs 5000 for old-age people in Amaravati region. This is commendable,” said a few farmers.

A few of them went on to say that the previous government forcibly grabbed lands from them and Jagan is doing the right thing now by returning those lands.

Going by this report, it looks like Amaravati farmers are happy with Jagan.

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