Fan Blames Niddhi for Increasing Rapes

Fan Blames Niddhi for Increasing Rapes
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In recent times we are forgetting how to respect and value women. Especially in social media many netizens are crossing the boundaries and trolling the actress for their dressing. At present whole state is feeling ashamed for the rape and murder of a veterinary doctor in Hyderabad. Many celebrities and common people started showing their anger on culprits in social media. But here comes a Twitter user who worsens the situation by blaming Niddhi Agerwal for an increase the number of rapes in the country.

Coming into the news Niddhi Agerwal shared a hot picture of hers on her social media. Although the pic is not that much worse the twitter user made some derogatory comment on Niddhi. He posted “Because of people like you only that common women get raped outside. Please don’t show off your hot looks like this”. However, Niddhi Agerwal hasn’t remained silent and gave a tough reply to the user. After exposing the twitter user name and identity the actress gave a big class for the twitter user. She replied “Appalled at the catastrophic thinking of this guy. Naresh, please send me your address. I will send you this movie called ‘Pink’. You need it”.

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