Coronavirus Lockdown: What is and what is not allowed from today

Coronavirus Lockdown: What is and what is not allowed from today
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The fourth pages of lockdown has started in India from today. This lockdown is slightly different from the others, with many relaxations being given in order to boost the economy of the country.

This fourth phase of the lockdown is till May 31st, and new rules would be given before June 1st. The following is the list of activities that are allowed and not allowed from today:
1. Public transport, based on what the state governments will decide
2. Air, metro and railways are not allowed
3. All shops can open, except those in shopping malls
4. Barber shops and salons can be opened
5. Delivery of non essential items via online shopping platforms
6. Restaurants can only deliver food
7. No religious or political gatherings
8. Only 50 guests in weddings, and 20 guests in funerals
9. Wearing of masks is compulsory and social distancing is mandatory
10. Curfew from 7 PM to 7AM
11. Pregnant women, senior citizens and children are not allowed to leave homes
12. Schools, colleges and shopping complexes to remain shut

The government of Telangana is yet to take a decision on whether it will allow any of these activities in the state or not. A total lockdown had been announced in Telangana till May 29th by CM KCR quite some time ago.

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