Coronavirus: India’s vaccine to be out by August 15!

Coronavirus: India’s vaccine to be out by August 15!
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The global pandemic of Coronavirus is posing a massive threat to human life all around the world, having already infected more than 1 Crore people globally, and having taken lakhs of lives.

Many countries of the world are racing towards developing a vaccine for Coronavirus as soon as possible, so that we could put this pandemic behind us and get back with our lives.

Moderna and Oxford University have been the first one in the world to reach the last stages of testing their vaccine, and the final results for Oxford University’s vaccine are expected to come out very soon.

On the other hand, recently it came to light that India’s own vaccine for Coronavirus, Covaxin, developed by ICMR in association with National Institute of Virology and Bharat Biotech India Limited is about to enter human trials.

The trials of Covaxin are being carried out at several sites in India, and if everything goes well, the vaccine could be available for public use by August 15.

Once a vaccine is out, things will get much better, with reduced mortality, and hopefully, reduced spreading.

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