Congress Is Disturbing The Peace – BJP Leader

Congress Is Disturbing The Peace – BJP Leader
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As soon as the Citizenship Amendment Act/Bill was announced in the parliament, the whole country was thrown into a state of chaos. There were protests everywhere, and a lot of violence has ensued ever since.

In a recent statement, Telangana state BJP president, K. Laxman had accused Congress and its allied parties for spreading false rumors about the bill, all over the country about CAA and NRC (National Register Of Citizens), that have led to these riots and protests.

The politician had said that Congress is spreading unnecessary fear among Indian Muslims, when in fact the act has nothing to do with them. The act is only meant to protect the minorities from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh who have taken up shelter in the country. He added that Congress is spreading such false allegations in attempts to win the next elections.

K. Laxman also said that it is becoming a routine for Congress to oppose any and every bill the BJP and NDA pass for the betterment of the country, like Article 370, Triple Talaq and Ram Mandir.

The BJP would be launching an awareness program very soon to make clear that the CAA and NRC wouldn’t affect any Indian Citizen, and is only for the refugees in India.

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