Clarity About Alia Bhatt in Rrr

Clarity About Alia Bhatt in Rrr
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From the last few days, there are rumors that Bollywood Diva Alia Bhatt may be out of RRR since her dates for the film got exhausted due to Coronavirus break. She has another Bollywood film, Brahmastra, for which she has to accommodate the dates. There are various opinions about if Alia will be a part of RRR in this situation. Here is the update from a source close to the team.

“As of now, we do not know anything. It will all depend on when the normalcy is restored. If both the films stick to their release date, she may be forced to skip RRR, but that will again depend on when things become normal. If RRR gets postponed, she is likely to do both the films,” the sources said. Brahmastra is releasing on December 4th, while RRR is likely to release on January 8th, 2021, as Sankranthi Special.

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