BJP effect: Jagan changes his plans

BJP effect: Jagan changes his plans
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Telugu Desam Party has been losing its leaders and cadre to YSRCP and BJP in Andhra Pradesh.

Initially, YCP chief YS Jagan was reluctant to take in other party leaders. He rejected the proposals of TDP leaders who were interested in joining YCP.

However, Jagan has apparently changed his track now.

The YCP chief is now willing to invite other party leaders after seeing BJP’s operation Akarsh in Andhra Pradesh.

It is being said that BJP is in touch with a few TDP leaders and if they join the saffron party, it might cause a few troubles to YCP in the future. So, Jagan is planning to avoid this by allowing TDP leaders to join YCP without any restrictions.

Jagan’s move can be considered as a counter to BJP’s operation Akarsh and there are not second thoughts about it.

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