Bhumika Requested People to Stop Blame Game

Bhumika Requested People to Stop Blame Game

The death of Sushant Singh Rajput is a big shock in industry circles. From when the talented actor was dead, many netizens celebrities started searching unfounded conspiracy theories related to his death. Bhumika Chawla, who shared screen space with Sushant Singh Rajput, requested everyone to stop speculating and blaming people.

The actress took social media as a platform to share her feelings. She posted, “Dear Sushant – wherever you are – you are in the hands of God… it’s Been a week since you have gone … What took you away —- THE SECRET HAS GONE WITH YOU — buried deep in your heart and mind… I wish to tell all the people who are affected by this to pray and devote your time to things like —-Taking care of yourself, of the people around you …”

“There are speculations of why it happened… THERE IS MUD SLINGING – there is wrath – there is —“ who is to be blamed “ —— there is “ industry did it “ —- “ relationship did this” … so on and so forth …. Dear PEOPLE RESPECT A SOUL GONE … PRAY AND LOOK AHEAD ….. SPEND THAt TIME In caring for each other / CARING FOR THE NEEDS OF kids who need education : teach them in which ever way you can / PRAY for yourselves and others around you / EXERCISE —- stay positive … LETS NOT BLAMe PEOPLE —— LETS RESPECT Each other … LET THE industry find a solution within itself and not do public discussions on public domains —- Prayers for him,” she wrote.

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