1200 Cr Profit for Rajamouli, Rrr Direct Online?

1200 Cr Profit for Rajamouli, Rrr Direct Online?

SS Rajamouli’s massive multi-starrer, Ranam Roudram Rudhiram is slated for release on January 8th, 2021, but it is highly impossible now because the shooting hasn’t started yet due to the corona pandemic and the chances are bleak that it might not start for the next 2 months at least. RRR is most likely to release in the Summer of 2021.

Now there are many rumors floating in the industry that RRR might not release in theaters and it might be directly streamed online on Rajamouli’s personal app ala RGV’s Naked which streamed on his RGV’s own app which earned him huge profits. The rumors suggest that RRR is releasing on the personal app of SSR on pay per view model. The film is dubbed in 8 languages and it will be priced ₹500 per view. It is expected to collect min ₹1200Cr within 5 hours, which will come straight into Rajamouli’s account. If this happens RRR will make 3 times more money by such a pattern of release instead of the regular theatrical release.

We are sure these are just crazy rumors and Rajamouli will never settle for a digital release for RRR even if he is getting thousands of crores as profit.

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